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Our Specialty Technology and Products

Our precision parts have been used for products in various fields, such as automobile parts, optical communication parts, high frequency (RF) device parts, satellite-mount parts, medical parts, and others.

Our production base is supported by over 250 working machines, including CNC lathes, machining centers, press machines, wire electric discharge machines, and more. With over 90 years of our past production experience, we are specialized in precision and high accuracy processing and can satisfy our customers’ needs.

We have a plating factory with a completely closed-loop water recycling system where various finishing treatment is available.

We have various combinations of complex processing technology with our in-house capabilities, such as glass hermetic seal, soldering, brazing, and many more, so that we can fulfill your complicated and challenging requirements.

We have a quality management system established over the years and can meet various design and development requests.


August 2021 [Released Coaxial Connector “KPC135”]

Please take a look at our new coaxial connector, “KPC135”. We have released KPC135 connectors, which are easy to use for companies developing new products in the E band (60-90 GHz), while IEC only recently standardized this connector (IEC 61169-65 was issued in January this year), and IEEE 287 has not yet been released. To …

Commercialization of Cable Performance Evaluator

We have developed a cable performance evaluator “CaPE” that can evaluate the performance and aging degradation of flexible cables used for millimeter-wave measurement. [Cable Performance Evaluator]

Terahertz waveguide Introduction Page

We have created a page to introduce our achievements in Terahertz waveguide manufacturing. [Terahertz waveguide Introduction]

Updated KPC Connector

We have revised our KPC Catalogue as some specifications were changed.

Updated KPC Connector

We have revised our KPC Catalogue as some specifications were changed.

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