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What is Glass Sealing?

Glass sealing is typically used to hermetically seal insulator and metal together. Kovar and Kovar alloy (Fe:Ni:Co = 54:29:17) are used to jointly seal metal pin such as signal wire and glass by heating them together.

Glass sealing is a method to utilize the properties of metal and glass that have a similar thermal expansion, whereas its disadvantage is the weakness against an external force, such as shock and shrinkage.

Samples of Sealed Products

RF Package
Terminal for Millimeter Wave
High-Pressure Vessel

Combination of Metal Sealing

Base Lead Type of Glass Finishing
Matched Seals Kovar Kovar Borosilicate Glass Ni-Ep+Au-Ep
Copper/Tungsten Kovar Borosilicate Glass Ni-Ep+Au-Ep
Compression Seals Steel Fe-Ni50% Soft Glass Ni-Ep+Au-Ep
Steel Copper-Clad Soft Glass Ni-Elp
Stainless Material Fe-Ni50% Soft Glass Ni-Ep

Handling Items

1. Multi-conductor header
2. Millimeter-wave band (DC-110GHz) terminal
3. Heat sink header assy
4. Hermetic sealing for high-pressure vessel
5. Customized products

Process Flowchart (Integrated Production System)

Process Flowchart (Integrated Production System)
1. Purchase raw materials =>
2. Machining process =>
3. Sealing =>
(4. Silver soldering)
(Press, M/C, Turning process)=>
5. Surface treatment =>
6. Quality check =>
7. Delivery

Facilities for Sealing

– Tunnel Kiln: 7
– Helium leak tester: 2
– Super insulation resistance test

Quality Assurance

To ensure a high-quality standard of hermetically sealed products, we perform various inspections and QA programs. These processes include inspections as below, which comply with MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-38534, JEDEC No. 9, and Telcordia Standard.

Inspections include:
– Air-tightness
– Helium leak (with mass analyzer)
– Electrical insulating properties
– Electric property (high potential and dielectric resistance)
– Abrasion of a lead line
– Visual and dimensional check
– Solder wettability
– Thermal shock

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