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Major Performance

Item Performance
Temperature Range -55 to +125 degC
Frequency Range DC – 12.4GHz (18GHz product available)
Impedance (nominal) 50Ω
Maximum Electric Power 50 x 1 / √f (GHz) W
Dielectric Resistance ≧5,000MΩ at DC500V
Voltage Resistance AC1,000V(r.m.s) X 1 min.
Contact Resistance ≦4mΩ (measured voltage: ≦1mV)
for both center contact and outer conductor
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) 1.05+0.015f (GHz)
(Contact us: varied by configuration)
Center Contact Retention ≧0.28N
Repeated Operation ≦6mΩ after 1,000 connect/disconnect

Main Material and Surface Treatment

Part Name Material Surface Treatment
Outer Conductor Stainless Steel (brass for some types) Gold Plating, Passivation
Female Center Conductor Beryllium Copper Gold Plating
Male Center Conductor Brass Gold Plating
Insulator Polytetrafluoroethylene
Gasket Silicone Rubber

Product Examples

Note: passivated product is also available for product name with (S)

◆ Straight Plug for 0.141 Semirigid Cable

Product Name L1 L2
SMA-101(S) 10 1.5
SMA-101B 8.5 0

◆ Straight Plug for Flexible Cable

Product Name Cable
SMA-202(S) 3D-2W, RG-142B/U

◆ Right Angle Plug for Flexible Cable

Product Name Cable
SMA-208(S) 3D-2W, RG-142B/U
SMA-220(S) 2.5D-2V
SMA-221(S) 1.5D-XBV, 1.5D-XW

◆ Jack Receptacle

Product Name ΦD L1 φd L2
SMA-301(S) 1.27 1.6 0.7 4.4
SMA-306(S) 4.12 4.0 1.27 2.0
SMA-315(S) 4.12 4.0 1.27 8.0
SMA-315B 4.12 4.0 1.27 4.5

◆ Jack Receptacle

Product Name L
SMA-316S 6.9
SMA-316BS 4.8

◆ Jack Receptacle [Round Type]

Product Name

◆ Plug Receptacle

Product Name L
SMA-404(S) 2.0
SMA-404B(S) 1.0

◆ Plug Receptacle

Product Name

◆ Right Angle Plug Receptacle

Product Name

◆ Jack / Jack Adapter

Product Name

◆ Plug / Plug Adapter

Product Name

◆ Plug / Jack Right Angle Adapter

Product Name

◆ Plug / Jack Adapter [Phase Shifter]

Product Name Lm
SMA-510A(S) 13.13
SMA-510B(S) 17.52
SMA-510C(S) 19.67
SMA-510D(S) 21.90
SMA-510E(S) 26.26
SMA-510F(S) 30.65
SMA-510G(S) 32.84
SMA-510H(S) 35.00
SMA-510I(S) 39.35
SMA-510J(S) 45.95
SMA-510K(S) 52.51
SMA-510L(S) 59.07
SMA-510M(S) 31.50

◆ Jack / Jack Adapter

Product Name

◆ Plug / Jack Adapter [Round Type]

Product Name

◆ Jack / Jack Adapter [Front Panel Type]

Product Name

◆ Plug Terminator

Product Name Remark
SMA-601(S) ≦1.05+0.015f(GHz) / DC – 12.4GHz
SMA-601BS ≦1.05+0.009f(GHz) / DC – 18.0GHz



◆ Dust Cap [for Jack]

Product Name Cap Material / Surface Treatment Remark
SMA-514 Brass/Gold Plating
SMA-514S Brass/Nickel Plating
SMA-514BS-1 Stainless/Passivation No Chain
SMA-514BS Stainless/Passivation

SMA-514, SMA514S



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